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Focus Is on you

                    Our Providers Specialize in:

Diabetes Management                                              Chronic Lung Disease

General Adult Physical Exams                                   Hypertension

Wellness Exams                                                          Hypothyroid Hyperthyroidism

Chronic Disease Management                                  Cholesterol 

Inpatient Hospital Care                                               HIV/AIDS

Pre-Operative Evaluation/ Clearance                        Hyperlipidemia

Strokes                                                                         Arthritis 

Adult Immunizations                                                    Asthma

CHF                                                                              Cardiovascular Disease

EKG’s                                                                            Kidney Management

Pulmonary Function Testing                                        Alcohol and Smoking 

Skin Biopsies                                                               Cancer

Acne treatment                                                            Obesity

Audiometry                                                                   Heart Disease

Incision and Drainage (Cysts, Abscess’s).                  Osteoporosis 

Skin tag removal                                                          Chronic Lung Disease 

Ear wash                                                                       And More.....

Alamo Heights Primary Care Physicians

Personalized and Independent

Alamo Heights Primary Care Physicians hybrid practice provide patients with the option of going to membership-based concierge medicine, while reassuring all current patients they can continue seeing the provider regardless of their payment models.

In a hybrid concierge practice, all patients receive the same level of care. For those who opt for the concierge service, they receive more time and convenience, particularly around scheduling and communicating with your physician outside the visit. Your physician will also attend to you in the hospital when you need him.

With an increased focus of time and attention on you, our new concierge medicine membership has the ability to transform your experience and relationship with your physician. It is medicine practiced without the limitations of traditional medical practices. The focus is creating a healthier you -- and keeping you that way -- with active disease prevention. We invite you to see why concierge medicine is the right choice for you and your health. 


Dr. Hoelscher’s care for you extends beyond the clinic – he will also personally care for you in the Nix Hospital, rehabilitation center, and even long term nursing care home if needed.


In our office, we recommend healthcare screenings. We want to identify risk factors that our patients may have to develop illness in order to make better decisions about your care. We recommend regular visits to help manage chronic disease that can help lead to healthier and happier lives. We strive to provide you the support that you need to achieve your individual healthcare goals.


We have new technology in the office. Our interactive website can provide you with access to online scheduling, general office information and updates on our services. We use an electronic health record that meets the standards as outlined by the Center for Healthcare Services. As a patient, you’ll get secure, online access to a Personal Health Record where you can store and manage your important health information including test results.


Our clinic location in the Quarry Market area is easily accessible from multiple areas of the city, and the FREE PARKING is a favorite feature for our patients as well.

Our online Patient Portal allows you electronic access to help address your healthcare needs and provides a convenient venue to interact with our staff.

New services including TELEMEDICINE are being incorporated to further enhance your healthcare access in the convenience of your home, office, or even when traveling.

In an emergency, you also have 24/7 phone access to communicate with a healthcare professional that is on call.

For our patients that prefer to communicate in their native Spanish language, we welcome you – Dr. Hoelscher is able to communicate in both Spanish and English and our support staff can also assist you.

Covid-19 Updates:

Alamo Heights Primary Care Physicians understands the frustrations that patient are having trying to find information regarding the COVID-19 vaccine.  The information and status of the vaccine process changes continuously, so please be patient and understanding in this process.  AHPCP, currently, does not have the vaccine to distribute.  The initial distribution of the vaccine has been to large hospital systems and some pharmacies.  This distribution will likely broaden as the vaccine rollout continues.  We are working closely with local healthcare entities to identify vaccine availability and to disseminate this information to you.  Please reference the Texas Department of State Health Services website we have posted here which provides you an official and accurate status of the phases of the vaccination process in Texas, and also identifies potential locations to get the vaccine.  

Please visit these websites:

(Along with general information about the vaccine, this website provides accurate information about the phases of the vaccination process and has a "Texas COVID-19 provider locations map". )

(Provides helpful information about COVID-19)


Download the Ready South Texas app, available in the iTunes and Google Play stores               Text COSAGOV to 55000 to receive SMS text message updates 

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  • "My experience with Dr. Hoelscher was great. From the moment I walked in till the moment I left. His staff is nice a caring and welcoming. I felt right at ease with D...

    "My experience with Dr. Hoelscher was great. From the moment I walked in till the moment I left. His staff is nice a caring and welcoming. I felt right at ease with Dr. Hoelscher and felt like my needs were addressed in the exam room. I will definitely keep him as my new PCP."


  • "My experience with Dr. Hoelscher's office has been great. It was very easy to book an appointment, Dr. Hoelscher was prompt and thorough, and the staff is very court...

    "My experience with Dr. Hoelscher's office has been great. It was very easy to book an appointment, Dr. Hoelscher was prompt and thorough, and the staff is very courteous and helpful. Dr. Hoelscher is patient and spends the time listening to his patient's preferences, concerns, and desires. A Dr. whose top priority is keeping his patients healthy, a hard find these days. If you want a Dr. to give you personalized care and attention, I would strongly recommend Dr. Hoelscher. You speak directly with the Dr. as there aren't any PA's in his small family-owned private practice. Very professional."

    Felix Z.

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