Our exclusive membership program.

This service provides accessibility, and personal experience.  A program to promote wellness with enhanced screening and a report that outlines a long-term plan with short-term goals gives you a roadmap to follow.  

The doctor-patient relationship is just as the name suggests- Concierge.  Dr. Hoelscher and designated concierge work directly with the patient, providing wholesale labs and discounted procedures and imaging along the way.  


Individualized, timely care in a relaxed atmosphere

With membership in a smaller group of patients, we are able to provide you a more individualized experience without the time limitations.

24/7 Access To Dr Hoelscher

Get direct access through cell phone, voicemail, text messaging, and email for the care that you need.

Exclusive concierge-only phone line 

Easily get through to the office staff and bypass the voicemails and recordings. You can text medical staff through the concierge phone line. Your personal assistant is here to help.

Home visits

When the patients needs become necessary for home visits Dr. Hoelscher will be able to continue care in the home setting.

Personal Care Coordinator

A Care Coordinator will be assigned to you, helping schedule your appointments, assist you in coordinating with specialists, and followup your refills to verify they are completed.  A go-to-person to get what you need, they are tasked with assuring you will have all your needs taken care of.  

Same or next day appointments

We will now be able to accommodate you quickly, with extended visits available. 

No wait/minimal wait time

The improved scheduling allows for on-time care so you can better plan YOUR time. 

Specialized comprehensive executive physical exams and preventive care plans

There are comprehensive exams designed to fully evaluate your health.  Screening imaging, labs, nutrition assessments, and functional assessments designed to identify potential health problems early with a written summary to direct you down a path of improved wellness.  

Diagnostic and Procedures at NO Extra cost

EKG, breathing treatments, cryotherapy, mole removal... these are just a few of the services included in your membership

Discounted lab and Imaging

For cash paying patients, we negotiated the lowest cash rate cost so we can pass the benefits to you with no markup.

Enhanced prescription facilitation and management

Rapid processing of your medication needs and coordination with your insurance.

Coordination of scheduling with specialists and ancillary services

Let us work to help you set up your imaging and testing.  Dr. Hoelscher can help facilitate appointments to expedite your care.

Insurance claims facilitation

Our office can help in the claims processing areas.

Active care coordination with sub-specialists

Dr. Hoelscher can communicate with specialists about the needs you may have to help assist in a smooth coordination of the care between them. He will follow your progress and treatments.

Personal hospital attending provided by Dr. Hoelscher in designated facilities and active collaboration with physicians involved in hospital care where not provided by Dr. Hoelscher.

Having your own personal attending who knows you assures a easy transition of care back to the outpatient setting upon discharge.

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