What is concierge medicine?
The foundation of concierge medicine is a direct relationship between a patient and a primary care physician in which the patient pays an annual fee or retainer. In exchange for the retainer, doctors provide enhanced care, including principally a commitment to limit patient loads to increase time and resources for each patient.

What is the benefit of membership?
This type of practice allows physicians to spend more time and resources focused on the care of each individual patient both during the office visit as well as in between visits. This can improve the quality of the management of existing chronic conditions and help you prevent the onset of other chronic conditions. Patients see improved accessibility and tremendous improvement navigating the frustrating logistics of traditional medical practices. Remember your designated concierge care team only has to dedicate their time to a fraction of patients that are in a traditional practice.

What does the membership fee cover?
The membership fee provides services that are not covered by private insurance and Medicare. It provides you inclusion in a smaller focused group of patients. It is because of this fee that we are able to offer more attention and additional service to each patient's individual needs.

Do I still need to maintain health insurance?
Yes, This practice is not a substitute for health insurance. Membership covers services not covered by your insurance.

Will my health insurance cover the annual fee?
Health insurance plans do not cover the annual membership fee.

Am I still responsible for my insurance deductible and co-payments?
Yes, your membership is for services not covered by your insurance plan. Insurance contracts require that we charge you any applicable co-pay and deductibles in accordance with your individual plan.

Can I use my consumer health savings plan to pay the annual fee?
Yes, you may be able to use funds from a health savings account (HSA), flexible spending account (FSA) or medical savings account (MSA) to pay for your annual fee. Please speak with a financial advisor or your employer’s human resource department to know if you are eligible.

Is the concierge fee a qualified tax deduction?
We encourage you to seek professional tax advice from a qualified tax advisor or CPA to determine if the membership fee is a tax deductible expense for you.

How can I pay my membership fee?
Membership must be paid in-full annually by cash, check, or credit card. Credit card payments will incur a 4% processing fee.

Is a refund available?
If the Membership Agreement is terminated by the Practice, it will refund a prorated portion of the Annual Fee for the unexpired portion of the year. If the Membership Agreement is terminated by the patient, the annual fee will not be refunded.

Is the practice size limited?
Yes. In order to offer the extended access and services, we must limit the membership group to about 20% of the current patient panel. We will offer memberships on a first-come first-served basis until the panel is full, which may occur in a relatively short period based on similar practice experiences in San Antonio.

I rarely come in to the doctor, so why should I join?
We encourage every patient to consider the benefits of membership for themselves. Maintaining a long-term relationship with a personal physician has significant benefits regardless of your current age or health status. A focus on wellness and disease prevention including some services not covered by insurance is part of individualized care in our practice. A physician who knows you and is focused on you is the key to a

What if I need care after hours?
You will have 24-hour access to your specialized assistant and/or doctor who will assist you.

What if I need care when I am out of town?
Our practice will continue to care for you. We offer the direct access line to the office as well as after hours. With concierge membership, telemedicine remains a covered service by your insurance and our office. Should the need arise, we are able to contact local pharmacies or assist you with locating local caregivers for a face-to-face visit. We can also communicate with them to coordinate your medical history.

What if I need to see a specialist?
We will work directly with your existing specialists or refer you to excellent physicians in all specialties when needed. Your personal care coordinator along with Dr. Hoelscher will assist to schedule the appointment to get the earliest appointment available.

What if I need hospital care?
Dr. Hoelscher has extensive training and experience with hospital level care. He has developed an excellent relationship with the Nix Hospital along with physicians in other local hospital systems. Exclusively for concierge members, he will provide personal service as your attending physician at the Nix Hospital - you will not need to see a hospitalist. In most cases he can reserve you a private room. In some cases, where clinically appropriate, direct admission may be possible where a bed is ready, orders set, and important consultants alerted before you even arrive. If an ER visit is advised, he can communicate directly with the ER physician in anticipation of your arrival in order to discuss important medical history details that may be vital to your proper diagnosis and care. If you choose to attend a different hospital, Dr. Hoelscher has a working relationship with different hospitalist groups around San Antonio and will be involved in the transition of care.

Payment options: 

No matter if your a concierge or general patient our payment types are the same. We take cash, check, visa, mastercard and american express. However we have the cash discount, Everything is priced at a cash discount price. Non-cash payments:  If you are using another form of payment then you will not be taking advantage of the 4% cash discount and that difference will be added to the purchase.

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